💕 THEO harvick

veer all terrain cruiser

it's a car seat & a wagon in one. for taking her on adventures with everyone and the dogs. one that is guaranteed to hold little theo, as travis jumped in and made soso drag him around the store for 'quality control'

veer all terrain cruiser

for when she grows out of the car seat, but still wants to continue her adventures.

nuna demi grow bassinet

a stroller that will grow with her. includes additional seats for when she grows out of the bassinet. stroller handle is adjustable in heights from travis to wyatt.

springbuds leather luxury stroller

an uncessary third stroller set that soso advised against but trav rebuted with an argument about how wyatt doesn't have one in leather. which now apparently he does.

baby bjorn one air carrier

recommended by soso as the best baby carrier. one that required a live in store demonstration in which travis asked strangers if he could borrow their baby. the number of people that willingly handed their child over was alarming to soso, especially since travis himself resembles a small child.

marble bassinet

travis says he will put this bassinet in the living room because it matches his aesthetic

Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

soso reminded travis of the marble bassinet for the living room. to which travis replied exasperatedly that he has more than one living room.

crescent moon baby cot

soso swears that this is a necessary buy. she also had to stop travis from climbing on top to do a weight test.

bloom fresco high chair

a modern ergonomic high chair with adjustable settings to grow with baby. also came with a twenty minute story from travis about some dogs that have to eat in high chairs because they can't digest food on their own. wholly irrelevant, but still made soso sad.

bloom baby rocker

a completely unecessary thing, that travis insisted on even though he'd never raised a baby, but soso had also highly underestimated how much coffee she would need for a shopping trip with travis and relented.

mamaroo baby swing

another must have from soso. bounces and sways to comfort baby. mp3 & bluetooth compatible. travis insists that playing wild n out rap battles will soothe the baby to sleep.

Babocush Comfort Cushion

recreates the atmosphere in the womb with a heart-beat sound and gentle vibrations. it should also be noted this was around the time travis started to whine about being hungry and soso had to feed him snacks from her purse that she keeps for her child.

owlet care smart sock baby monitor

Tracks your baby's heart rate, oxygen levels and sleep, with information transmitted to a cellular device. travis insisted. soso was getting a headache, so it went into the wagon.

Evoz Vision Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor

one of the many items soso asked travis if wyatt already had, to which she received a shrug and exclaimation that 'trav isn't psychic.' relays video to multiple celluar devices & allows baby to be soothed remotely.

baby neck floater

travis absolutely 100% refused to leave the store until they purchased a baby neck floater. while helpful in aiding babies with moving freely in the water, which helps them develop muscle and bone strength, it also just looks ridiculous and made him laugh.